UNITS Protocol


What is Bonding?

The UNITS protocol bonding mechanism stands for short-term investment strategy. It is based on supplying USDC as liquidity to the UNITS protocol in return for UNIT tokens at a discounted price. Bonds are locked up for a period of 5 days, with an auto stake mechanism which is highly effective in boosting the rewards.

How does Bonding work?

Upon supplying the bond pool with USDC, the protocol quotes a discounted price for the UNIT token. The supplied USDC is converted into UNIT tokens according to the discounted UNIT price and automatically staked in order to boost the rewards. So, by bonding you benefit both from a predefined discount and boosted rewards for auto staking.
‌The bond can be redeemed in UNIT tokens together with its rewards after 5 day period.
The bond staking rewards are distributed linearly during the bond pool lifespan (90 day).

‌What are the benefits of Bonding?‌

Bonding is an active short term investment with high ROI based on predefined discount for the UNIT tokens. The auto staking mechanism is rewarding investors with high APR in addition to the short term bond profit.

Bond terminology

Bond Price
An exclusive discounted price for UNIT tokens
Market Price
The current UNIT token price on the secondary markets / Listing price.
Total value lock in the bond contract.
You Will Get
The total sum of UNIT tokens in your bond balance which includes the “Bond Size” and the “Auto staking Rewards”.
Bond Size
The bond investment in UNIT tokens
Auto Staking Rewards
UNIT tokens earned for auto staking
Lockup Period
The UNITS protocol bond lockup period *
((Market Price - Bond Price) / Bond Price) * 100
For example:
Bond Price = 0.025
Market Price = 0.05
ROI = 100%
Auto stake APR
Bonds will be redeemable after a grace period of 10 days (Tue, Nov 16)
* Bonds will be redeemable after a grace period of 14 days (Tue, Nov 20)
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