UNITS Protocol


Step 1:
Visit: https://app.units.finance/#/bond
Step 2:
To connect your wallet, click the "Connect" button on the top right menu side and choose your wallet.
The top right screen of the App shows your wallet address and on its left your wallet activated token symbol, you can click on the token symbol to switch networks.
The UNITS protocol bond is available on two networks:
Binance Smart Chain network for BUSD deposits.
Polygon network for USDC deposits.
The "Bond" screen will display your USDC balance.
Choose the amount of USDC you would like to bond.
Step 3:
Click the "Bond" button and approve by clicking "Start" on the approval pop up.
Confirm the action in your wallet.
Step 4:
The next screen enables further actions:
Bond : Add more funds.
Redeem : Withrow funds in UNIT tokens.

Bond Info

In this screen you can also view info about your bond:
"You Will Get": The total sum of UNIT tokens in your bond balance which includes the "Bond Value" and the "Bond Rewards".
"Bond Size": The bond investment in UNIT tokens.
"Auto Staking Rewards": UNIT tokens earned for auto staking.
"Lockup Period": The UNITS protocol bond lockup period.
"Bond ROI": The return on the bond investment (ignoring "Auto Staked Rewards").
"Auto Staked Rewards APR": Additional rewards in UNIT tokens, calculated on the Bond size.